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Bendigo Studio for Graphic and Web design, Video editing

Bendigo Studio is a new full-service online digital agency specialising in graphic design, web design, web apps, eCommerce, database and video.
The designer/editor has specialised in this field since 2002 and continues to grow his knowledge and technique as technology continues to enhance.
We have a combination of trained and self trained professionals ready to help with your next project, We love creating innovative work with exceptional detail.

Bendigo Studio surpasses all competition when it comes to providing outstanding and prompt customer service.
We understand the value of your time, both personal and professional.
Thats why the designers at Bendigo Studio know the importance of providing our clients with fast, efficient service and quality designs that reflect both you and your company.


Bendigo Studio Ceo Boy has over 20 years of experience providing solutions for graphic, web site and videos in projects.
These include corporate, non-profit institutions, e-commerce and data management. As founder, Boy brings an enhanced layer of expertise to each design solution.
He understands that design is a confluence of marketing strategy, branding, user experience and visual resonance.

No limit control and creative

Our creative and unique designs allow us to develop superior concepts and technology advanced materials for our clients.
We also use the latest technology and techniques allowing us to provide the best-quality, hand-coded results. Our comprehensive design and editing skills make us push boundaries allowing us to specialise in smart, technology advance and user-friendly concepts.
Our clients have been thrilled with our personalised solutions, smart designs and fresh branding concepts often resulting in repeat clientele and a long working relationship.

Bendigo Graphic Design

We will make your business look great, by providing you with a unique custom design and a fast and hassle-free service for your business.
No job is too big or too small and our dedicated team specialise in : logo, business card, ID card, custom envelop, stamp, flyer, brochure, banner, tear drop, catalogue, cd cover, t shirt and many more .
We design, build and achieve the results you require.
Quality work produced by people who are passionate about what they do

Bendigo Web Design

We work with small, medium and large sized businesses but if you are just starting out that’s ok, our professional team can assist you.
Our creative web team will provide you with the ultimate website based on your requirements. Our services include simple custom web sites like word press and joomla to the more complicated web projects including data base, html5, php, css3, angular and jquery.
Out team are constantly updating their skills to keep up with technology changes and can ensure you will have the ultimate website for your business.

Bendigo Video Editing

We are ready to create or transform your video clips into awesome and great sounding videos for your business or personal use. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of the videos our editors produce for Tv Advertisement, Digital banner, Photo Slide show and many more.

Bendigo Studio Client

We work with clients at all levels, from private individuals and non-profit organisations all the way up to large corporations.
We are experts in understanding the business needs of our clients, so that we can produce visual designs in tune with your brand and your message.


Select the product or package you are interested in ensuring you read the product specification you require.
Drop us an email with what you are after and a dedicated team member will contact you to achieve the desired result.


Good Communication is best way to find out what you need, feel free to drop us an email with your questions.
We are open to your suggestions and love to here your concept.
By working as one we can achieve a successful result.

Start Proses

Send your idea and files with your requirements to us through our online email or using Dropbox, Google Drive or other resources.
We will provide a written confirmation of the selected product, costs and time frame.

Revision if needed

Revisions are acceptable to us within reasonable limit? You may need to negotiate the amount of revisions you are willing to make.
We require our client to provide solid direction or to at least compensate the artist if the established direction changes.

Finishing / Online

When your projects is completed and upon payment we will send your final art work via email / cloud ( for large files ) or upload them to your server ( Web site Project ).

Prices and Payments

Pay pal and bank transfer are our only form of payment currently offered.

No Deposit

For some services we not require a deposit, please ask more about this.

With Deposit

We'll ask you for 25% deposit for some project.

Pay Pal

we will take pay pal payment.

Bank Transfers

we also accepted Bank transfer.


ABN 25 183 202 157


0413 958 496


Bendigo Studio
White Hills Bendigo, Vic

ABN : 25 183 202 157